Assisted Living vs. Group Homes: How Assisted Living Offers More Independence

If you’re looking for senior living, you know how confusing it can be. There are so many different types of senior living and it can be overwhelming to understand the differences between them and figure out which one is right for you. In this article, we’ll go over assisted living and group homes and their differences and similarities.

What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living offers assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) like hygiene, grooming, dressing, etc., when needed, as well as amenities like housekeeping, laundry, home maintenance, social activities and more.

Some assisted living communities are more like traditional care facilities, with shared or semi-private rooms, but others offer private apartments. Assisted living residents can get help when they need it, but are still able to live independently.

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What Is a Senior Group Home?

A group home is a regular house in a residential neighborhood where several older adults live together. In a group home, you can live among peers and receive assistance with personal needs like bathing, meals and dressing.

Residents may have a private or shared room and share common areas like bathrooms, the living and dining rooms, and the kitchen. Staff is typically available around the clock for anything residents may need, but nursing and medical care is not usually available on-site. Senior group homes are also sometimes called residential care homes, board and care homes or personal care homes.

Lisa Mayfield, the founder of Aging Wisdom, a care management practice in the Seattle area, and a past president of the Aging Life Care Association says that group homes are a good fit for someone who needs more one-on-one assistance, “particularly if they’re a fall risk or need additional help with toileting or eating.”

Assisted Living vs. Group Homes

Group homes are a lot like assisted living communities, but on a smaller scale. However, there are a few major differences.

Some of the potential drawbacks of group homes include:

  • Medical professionals aren’t always on-site, so group homes aren’t ideal for people who need 24/7 access to nursing care in case of a medical issue
  • Because several people often live in a relatively small space, many group homes don’t allow residents to have pets 
  • Group homes lack the amenities offered at many assisted living communities, like on-site beauty salons
  • Living in a group home offers fewer opportunities for socialization
  • Group homes don’t typically offer group activities like an assisted living community does
  • Group homes don’t always offer local transportation like assisted living does

How Assisted Living Offers More Independence Than a Group Home

Assisted Living Offers On-Site Amenities and Social Opportunities

While many people equate assisted living with giving up their independence, for most people, it actually leads to more independence

The right community will give you everything you need to live a full and vibrant life, full of friendship, joy and personal growth. Assisted living communities typically offer private living spaces as well as on-site amenities and lots of opportunities for socialization.

At Eagle Flats Village, we offer:

  • Spacious private apartments with kitchenettes and bay windows
  • Housekeeping and laundry services
  • Three home-cooked meals a day, plus snacks
  • A bustling social calendar full of game nights, holiday and birthday celebrations, shared meals and more
  • Weekly church services
  • Local transportation to medical appointments, local events, etc.
  • Assistance with ADLs
  • Medication management
  • And much more

Assisted Living Means You Have Your Own Private Apartment

Unlike living in a group home, assisted living gives you the privacy and independence of having your own home, but at a lower cost and with less maintenance than owning a house. You can furnish and decorate your apartment as you choose and spend as much or as little time as you want there. If you decide you want to get out and socialize, a vibrant community of peers is waiting for you right outside. Private apartments also make assisted living a better choice for couples.

Living in a Group Home Means You Always Have To Consider Your Housemates

In a group home, you must always consider the other people you live with. If you want to cook a meal, you have to make sure the kitchen is available, which is less likely during common meal times. If you want to stay up late watching tv in the living area, you must first ask yourself, “Will this disturb my housemates?” If you want to have a friend over, you must always wonder if your housemates will be bothered or if the two of you will have any privacy.

More Privacy, Independence and Freedom at Eagle Flats Village

The right community will give you everything you need to live a full and vibrant life, full of friendship, joy and personal growth. At Eagle Flats Village, we do everything we can to ensure that our residents continue to choose us each and every day.

Some of the things that make Eagle Flats Village so special include:

  • Private, apartment-style living for more independence
  • Our Live WHOLE Resident Vitality Program to support physical and mental wellness
  • Community involvement – we’re proud to be part of the local Vernon, Texas community
  • Professional, compassionate oversight – we’re committed to upholding the dignity, respect, and privacy our residents deserve

Ready to see why our residents love living at Eagle Flats Village?

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