Pros and Cons of Moving into Senior Living Apartments

by | May 13, 2022 | Senior Living

As you get older, how do you picture spending your Golden Years? Catching up on your reading? Spending time in your community? Having friends over for dinner? Or maybe just taking it easy?

However you imagine it, you probably don’t see yourself painting, repairing, pulling up weeds, cleaning, and otherwise taking care of your home. Many seniors feel attached to their homes, and for good reasons, but is staying put worth it? Is it better to age-in-place at home, or are you holding on for the wrong reasons?

If you’re not sure, we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons of moving into senior living apartments, so you can decide for yourself.

The Pros of Moving into a Senior Living Apartment

No More Maintenance!

Take away the cleaning, the painting, the repairs, and the yard work? Now, doesn’t that image of retirement look a whole lot better? You might worry that moving into a senior living community means you’ll have to sacrifice your freedom, but, on the contrary, you’ll actually have more freedom! With someone else taking care of your home, you’ll have more time for fun, relaxation, and living life.

Having Someone to Take Care of the Laundry, Cooking, and Cleaning for You

Most senior living communities offer meals and laundry service, as well as housekeeping services. You’ve probably been taking care of all that yourself for your entire adult life, right? Maybe it’s time to let someone else handle it.

Restaurant-Style Dining

Some communities don’t just provide meals, but a restaurant-level experience. At Eagle Flats Village, we’re proud to serve chef-inspired and nutritiously conscious home-cooked meals three times a day, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Transportation When You Need It

Senior living apartment communities typically offer a communal transportation system. At Eagle Flats Village, we have a Cadillac limo, so our residents can get where they need to go in style!

If the community you choose offers transportation, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to get to your doctor appointments and run your errands, as well as go into the local community of Vernon, Texas to do some shopping or sightseeing. 

Safety and Security

You can rest easy living in a community. While a traditional home may or may not be adequately protected against internal threats (i.e. home safety concerns) and external threats (i.e. a break-in), you’ll experience a high level of safety and security at a senior apartment community. Not only are these communities designed to be safe and secure for residents, they also typically have security professionals on the premises.

Medical Assistance and Assistance with Activities of Daily Living

One big reason many seniors decide that it’s time to move into senior housing is that they need a little help. Whether you need help with your activities of daily living (like dressing, grooming, etc.), managing medications, or if you just want to know that help is always nearby, a senior living apartment may be for you. Here at Eagle Flats, we have trained staff on-site 24/7, under the direction of a Registered Nurse. We’re always here for you if you need anything!

Privacy and Independence

Senior living communities offer private apartments, so you don’t have to sacrifice your privacy in order to be a part of a community. At Eagle Flats, our apartments all have kitchenettes, bathrooms, spacious living areas, and bay windows. Each space is ready to decorate with furniture and other personal touches, so residents can comfortably maintain independence and mobility.

Overall Quality of Life

When you’re doing less work, eating good food, attending social events, making new friends, and you have access to reliable transportation and medical professionals, your overall quality of life is bound to improve! Aging in place can be lonely and isolating, which is why many seniors choose to join a senior community.

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The Cons of Moving into a Senior Living Apartment 

The Cost

For some people, the cost associated with moving into a senior living community may not seem affordable, but if you consider the potential costs of staying at home – maintenance and repairs, property taxes, housekeeping, installing ramps, bars, and other safety devices, and the cost of any home health care you may need – a senior living community is often less expensive – and is definitely a better value!

The Size

If you’re used to living in a house, an apartment can seem a bit small at first, but is it a drawback? Well, it depends on your wants and needs. Many people moving into senior living apartments think of it as a chance to embrace minimalism, throw away old things that are holding them back, and begin again!

Rules and Regulations

Just like any apartment community, sometimes senior communities have rules about noise after a certain time of night, who can live with or stay with you for an extended period of time, what pets are allowed, or making changes to the apartment (i.e. painting the walls). If you find these types of rules too restrictive, senior living may not be for you.

Is Senior Apartment Living Right for You?

Making the move into a senior living apartment community is a big decision, and like any big decision, it might take some time. Hopefully, this list of pros and cons will give you some idea of what a senior living community might be like, and if it’s the right move for you. 

Eagle Flats Village is Proud to be a part of the Local Vernon, Texas Community!

Eagle Flats Village is more than senior apartments. We’re a community within a community – and we pride ourselves on fostering fun, socialization and involvement with the local Vernon, Texas community. 

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