Senior Living

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Aging is a privilege – and everyone deserves the opportunity to navigate the process with joy and purpose.

There comes a time when independent living becomes a challenge – either for seniors, their families – or both. However, quality of life does not need to suffer when the process of aging begins to limit physical and mental capacities. The decision to relocate to a community that affords independent living with assistance tailored to individual needs is significant – and should be as worry-free as possible for seniors and their loved ones.

What makes the Eagle Flats Village senior living community so unique?

Our full-service community provides residents with a maintenance-free lifestyle and access to services and amenities that support our Live WHOLE Resident Vitality Program, which empowers residents to fuel their bodies, brighten their minds, and enhance their spirit. Our community supports and encourages social interaction, healthy habits, and plenty of mentally and physically engaging activities to ensure residents enjoy a full, productive, and carefree life.

The Senior Living lifestyle that Eagle Flats Village affords is an opportunity to regain independence, avoid isolation, and stay mentally and physically inspired.

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Here are just a few reasons why Eagle Flats Village is the preferred choice for seniors in Vernon and Wilbarger County.

Apartment-Style Living to Support Independence

Our community includes apartment-style living with three different floor plans to choose from – each featuring a kitchenette, a private bathroom, spacious living areas, and bay windows. Each space is ready to decorate with furniture and other personal touches, so residents can comfortably maintain independence and mobility.

Live WHOLE Resident Vitality Program

This program empowers seniors to design a highly personal path to whole wellness based on their goals and preferences. To live WHOLE is to embrace a balanced mind, body, and spirit by embracing individual growth and development through tools designed to increase the quality and longevity of life.

This is a proprietary program fully endorsed and supported by the Eagle Flats Village management and team members. We believe living well is living with a purpose, and we seek to provide every resident with the tools needed to achieve physical and mental balance and wellness. Contact us to learn more about our Live WHOLE Resident Vitality Programming.

Community Involvement

Eagle Flats Village is proud to be a part of the Vernon, TX community. Together we are committed to the service of others and respect for all. Life at Eagle Flats Village upholds this commitment with easy access to the city and its outstanding services. We encourage community participation and giving back to support the Vernon way of life.

Professional, Compassionate Oversight

The management and team members of Eagle Flats Village are committed to upholding the dignity, respect, and privacy our senior residents have earned and deserve. We are neighbors and community members, and we are proud to assist our seniors in regaining independence pursuing life to its fullest in a safe and secure setting.