The Value of Choosing a Senior Living Community Over Staying in the Home

If you’re going home to visit your aging parents over the holidays, it’s a great time to check in on them and make sure that they’re doing ok on their own. Maybe you’ve noticed some signs that your parents could use a little extra help with their day-to-day activities, but you might have concerns about the cost of a senior living community.

However, when you consider the costs of home ownership and maintenance, for many people, a community is a much more cost-effective choice. Not only that, but the value is significantly greater.

5 Reasons a Senior Living Community is a Better Value

Here are 5 reasons that a senior living community is ideal for older adults who need a little extra help – and is a better value than staying at home.

1. No Mortgage, No Utilities, No Property Taxes – Just One Flat Fee

Owning a home is a source of pride and accomplishment for many people, but as we get older, and retire from the workforce, we often have to live on a limited income. At this point, the many costs associated with homeownership – a mortgage, homeowners association fees, utilities, and more – begin to outweigh the benefits of owning a home. When it comes to these home-related costs, the value of living in a senior living community, where everything is taken care for residents for one flat fee, is clear.

2. No Home Maintenance or Repairs

Home maintenance and repairs may have been less expensive in the past, when your parents could do a lot of the work themselves, but, now that they’re older, they’re probably paying someone else to handle those types of problems – or worse, letting them go unattended. Living in a senior living community with home maintenance and repair services ensures that their home is cared for, so it’s a safe and comfortable place to live – with no inconvenience or extra cost to them.

3. Say Goodbye to Household Chores

As we get older, we’re not able to do all the things we used to do. Many seniors hire a housekeeping service to come to their home weekly or bi-weekly to take care of the big household chores. Others may want to forgo this expense and either try to handle things themselves, which can be potentially dangerous (i.e. trying to stand on a ladder to dust ceiling fans or other high places) – or let their homes become unsanitary. Moving into a community that offers housekeeping and laundry services can help to lighten the load of housework.

4. Free Local Transportation

Not all communities offer free local transportation, but Eagle Flats Village does. We know how important it is to not let independence be hindered by moving into an assisted living community. Our town car transports residents in style and comfort throughout the Vernon, TX and Wilbarger County areas to medical appointments, shopping, events, and anywhere else they want to go. 

5. Amenities Offer Even More Value

The amenities are what really makes a senior living community a better value than aging-in-place. At Eagle Flats Village, we offer private apartments with utilities included, home repairs and maintenance, three nutritious, chef-inspired meals daily, light housekeeping, weekly laundry service, and daily assistance as needed – including assistance with activities of daily living, medication management, and 24/7 medical assistance. 

Our community also offers local transportation, an on-site beauty and barber shop, and a full calendar of enriching programs and social events. Eagle Flats Village has been intentionally designed to anticipate and take care of every need – and to create a worry-free life for our community members.

When it Comes to Making the Move to Senior Living – Sooner Rather Than Later is the Key

People often wait too long before considering the move into senior living. Doing this means losing out on all the benefits of living in a community. If your parents are having a little trouble with daily activities like bathing, grooming, hygiene, or dressing, but are otherwise independent, an assisted living community is probably the right fit for them. They’ll have the certainty of daily assistance as needed and 24/7 medical care under the supervision of a registered nurse, as well as the freedom and privacy afforded by their own apartment.

The best part about living in an assisted living community like Eagle Flats Village is that it’s not just a place to live – it’s a home. We do everything we can to make every resident feel at home and to foster a sense of community.

Come see our vibrant and welcoming community for yourself.

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